Trusted Paraplanning Services

You may be too busy and too occupied with more important things than entering data, analyzing details and creating client deliverables, yet you want those things done right! That’s where I come in. I’m an experienced CFP® who will get the job done right. Proper paraplanning ensures your financial plans are updated, the details are covered, your projects are getting done, and you are ready for your client meetings.

Financial Planning

  • Planning needs analysis
  • Creating new plans
  • Updating existing plans
  • Preparing deliverables for upcoming meetings
  • Updating follow up action item checklists
  • Data Entry

Income Tax Projections

  • Knowledge of Holistiplan software
  • Help with Roth IRA conversion analysis
  • membership to stay on top of current changes to tax law
  • Tax return document review can help you understand additional pieces of your clients’ financial plan

Special Projects

  • Can vary from basic one-time administrative projects to more special planning analysis
  • For example, prepare spreadsheet of clients needing estate plan review due to Non-Eligible Designated Beneficiaries
  • Other examples include:
    • Detailed cash flow analysis
    • Researching NQ annuity withdrawal strategies
    • Updating coming year retainer agreements